Violence against women and girls is
a human rights violation.

Unfortunately it is common and that takes place every single day all around the world. Ensuring that every woman is educated and aware about the signs of abuse is just one way to get out of the vicious cycle, but escaping abuse isn’t that simple. Support and self-care comes into play, and while being a survivor of domestic abuse is both a challenging and terrifying journey, it can also be an empowering one.

Initiated in October 2020, non-profit organisation Survivors BN is committed to help those victims and survivors of domestic abuse, by creating awareness and solidarity among survivors of Domestic Violence and Intimate Partner Violence, with the aim to develop collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals that share their vision for a nation without violence.

The team touches upon various types, elements and healing tools regarding relationship violence and trauma, and offers a variety of ways to empower victims of abuse, which includes a Support Group, giving Awareness Talks, and offering activities from yoga to self-defence and mindfulness workshops to terrarium building and indoor gardening.

They have previously worked with Wellness Warriors from Royal Brunei Airlines in conducting an awareness talk touching on the forms of violence in the Sultanate; Youth Against Slavery Brunei which focused on ending human trafficking; and they work closely with Project Women to end abuse and exploitation in Brunei Darussalam.

They are also currently working on a collaboration with More to Bloom on Mindfulness Workshops for survivors of Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence.

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