Sukarelawan Belia COVID-19

Sukarelawan Belia COVID-19 is a Task Force volunteering body for COVID-19. Our volunteering body consists of all NGO, GO, PO and individuals from Brunei Darussalam (Locals, PR, Foreigners who holds an official document of Brunei Darussalam).

Sukarelawan Belia COVID-19 is operated under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and work closely with the Ministry of Health and National Disaster Management Centre.

Our main tasks as a volunteer under Sukarelawan Belia COVID-19 are mostly at a Flu-Desk and as an usher at Health Centers, Hospitals, Airport, Mosques and etc.

Establishment Date

Formed on 16th March 2020 Operated on 18th March 2020

Official Address

Pusat Operasi, Sukarelawan Belia Kementerian Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan
Lobi Tingkat 1, Stadium Tertutup Kompleks Sukan Negara Hassanal Bolkiah,
Bandar Seri Begawan

Official Contact

[email protected]

Find out more at the below details:


Volunteer Registration



Name: Nurul Izyan Anver

Contact No: 8660185

Email: [email protected]

Designated Position: IT (System and Database) & Recruitment Coordinator 

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