Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, staffed by a global dream team and SOA develops leaders, cultivates ideas, and accelerates solutions to the ocean’s greatest challenges. Our programs are aligned with the targets of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water – to conserve the ocean and sustainably use marine resources.

The SOA Hub in Brunei was established in 2020 and acts as a platform for people in Brunei who are passionate about ocean conservation to obtain resources, fundings and expertise.

There is a need to diversify the efforts of ocean conservation as currently the projects conducted are mostly only tree-planting and beach clean ups. There is also a lack of experts who could provide insights on how to create impactful efforts in ocean conservation. Because of this, establishing a SOA hub in Brunei would enable the passionate people in the country to do so.


To train young leaders in Brunei by providing education and access to international experts and fundings to diversify the efforts in preserving our ocean.

To encourage environmentally friendly habits among the public by providing toolkits and guidelines


To create a platform for young people in Brunei who are passionate about ocean conservation to connect, have access to resources and get expertise to create a positive and sustainable impact in our community.

To show that anyone (young or younger, rich or poor) could care for the environment

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Connect with them on Instagram (@soabrunei) or get in touch at [email protected]

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