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SCOT Social Kitchen

Social Kitchen is an initiative established in 2019 by the Society for Community Outreach & Training (SCOT). It focuses on providing entrepreneurial opportunities to the socioeconomically challenged communities, specifically unemployed mothers, by selling their home-cooked meals which are funded by the public and then donated to the underprivileged families and foreign workers of Brunei Darussalam.

Social Kitchen will be extending its experience this year to the public, higher education institutions and corporations, where they are able to assist the mothers in preparing the iftar meals during the Ramadhan month. This aligns with the organization’s purpose of
eradicating poverty in the country, by providing a perspective on how it is in Brunei Darussalam.

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Corporate Bookings

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Raffle Competition

The Social Kitchen Raffle Competition is an initiative that allows the public's name to be automatically inserted into a raffle pool, where a purchase of 5 meals will equate to 1 name in the pool. There will be one lucky winner announced at the final week of Social Kitchen!

The 5000 Meal Challenge

Collective raise iftar meals together with your corporation and higher educational institutions! The highest meals raised will win a grand prize. The 5000 Meal Challenge is open to corporations and higher educational institutions (UBD, KUPUSB & UNISSA)

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