Powerslide NEXT 125 (EU40-41)

Powerslide NEXT 125 Skates package speed, maneuverability and versatility. 

NEXT boots use Trinity Mounting. Two winged mounts under the ball of the foot adds power at pushoff and stabilitiy. It also creates a channel for the wheels, lowering the skate for better control. Being a triskate, 125mm wheels fit onto frames that are just 10″ in length. The center wheel being directly under the foot, and short frame length makes skating easier allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of large wheels (fast and smooth). Cuff height is adjustable on one or both sides. MyFit Recall Fit Liners naturally mold with skate time (or can be heat molded at 175F). The shell can also heat mold to eliminate pressure points (175F), although liners make it so that it most often not needed. Compatible with any Trinity Mount frame, you can quickly go from an urban skate, to even an SUV!

Trinitiy Casted Aluminum Frames ; Infinity 125mm 86A Wheels ; ABEC9 Brake Not Included- Compatible with HABS LG/XL


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