La Vida Berhad is a local non-profit company since 2007 dedicated to Serve, Strengthen and Empower individuals and families in our community including those of Special Needs as well as the Needy through education, training, referral, volunteer service and advocacy.

We engage individuals, institutions, associations, businesses and social connections, in creative and meaningful ways, to play an active part in building towards a vision of Stronger families and a Caring community.


To help towards expanding our existing Special Need programs for children or adults. Sponsorship pledges for individuals are also possible. You can help by giving towards our underprivileged Food-aid / Re-training programs as well.

Thank you for helping La Vida Berhad improves and expands our programs in support of the underserved community in Brunei. We highly value your kind donations.


We believe that as an individual one person cannot change the world but he/she can change the world of one person. Everyone can make a difference regardless of background, age, skills and experience.

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