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"Empowering Thought, Generating Change"

GAIA (the Global Awareness & Impact Alliance) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation aiming to empower thought and generate change for a safer and resilient regional future through a two-pronged strategy.

1. The Youth Series

With this first strategy, GAIA pursues a three-phase structure to cultivate a group of youth in pursuit if self-determination, with aims and objectives that include preparing the disadvantaged youth in Brunei for the future, gilling the gap by providing equal access to forms of exposure and skill development that are otherwise considered inaccessible, and by implementing a structured module for over the span of three years to achieve full development.

They have tackled finding your inner core competencies with Camp Wira and mentoring programmes with the aim to connect this generation’s youth to industry experts in the Sultanate. They also collaborated with SCOT (Society Community Outreach and Training) in hosting the Youth Leadership Summit as the second phase of their Youth Series.

2. Global Analysis

Their second strategy has them broadening horizons to engage with youth and the public to participate in building a regional future through intellectual discourse, with aims and objectives that include cultivating a public intellectual culture of discussing critical issues and developing original situations to pressing regional issues, imparting skills and knowledge to build resilience and independence in decision making, and highlighting our roles in impacting global developments to enhance the quality of daily living.

Determined to protect the global future through society-centred changes, GAIA strives to expand thought and build a resilient generation through impactful research and skill development programmes.

Find out more about how you can help generate change with your ideas by connecting with them on Instagram (@gaia.alliance).

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