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Would you like to give us all a brief introduction about yourself and what Fera Health Care is?

I am Lailatul Zubaidah Hussain. I am currently a private legal practitioner, the Principal of my own firm, LZ Hussain & Co., as well as a business owner. Elfera Health & Nursing Care Sdn Bhd (FERA Nursing) is a private nursing service that provides nursing care wherever required. Care is usually sought for patients recovering from post surgical procedures, chemotherapy, post stroke and we also provide end of life care. FERA Nursing also provides care for special needs children, medically complex children and geriatrics.

What kickstarted FERA Health and Nursing Care?

FERA Health & Nursing Care was established due to my own personal need for nurses for my daughter Fatimah, who is a medically complex child. At the time of her birth, Fatimah needed 24 hours nursing support and I was not able to employ local nurses due to our own local shortages. FERA Nursing was incorporated across the seas during the time Fatimah was hospitalized in Singapore and FERA is an acronym for Fatimah’s name, Fatimah Eleanor Rose Adwan. The incorporation of FERA Nursing was particularly important to me to be able to provide much needed services to families like ours. Had we not had the benefit of nursing care at home, Fatimah would not have been able to go home and would have had to stay in hospital indefinitely, in a safe environment.

Who can benefit from home care and what can be provided to those who need it?

Home care is essentially nursing support you would get in a hospital but is provided in the comfort of your own home. Research has found that successful recoveries can be achieved faster when patients are able to be at home in a familiar environment, surrounded by their loved ones. Our Nurses and Caregivers can work with doctors and provide care designed specifically for the patients’ needs and abilities, whether you need skilled nursing, rehabilitation or non medical personal assistance.

What are some of the challenges in running private nursing and homecare services in Brunei? And what are some of the day to day highlights?

FERA Nursing is one of a handful of companies providing private nursing services. In the 2 years I have run the business, I realize that the healthcare industry is one that needs to be regulated closely for more responsible provision of services to the community. It is important for nurses and caregivers to have proper credentials and be properly employed by a healthcare company before being deployed into the community. Anyone using healthcare companies must ensure that they carry out due diligence before allowing a nurse or caregiver into their home to provide care.

What do you feel is the main barrier toward providing much needed homecare services to families in Brunei?

Cost is a big issue. I have been pleasantly surprised however, by the fact that families of patients do rally around to raise the necessary funds for good care to be provided to their loved ones. This is a good practical way to keep everyone involved and is a testament to how we function as close knit families in the community in Brunei.

Life is all about balance – what do you do to ensure a healthy work life balance?

I’ll be honest, I’m terrible at this! But I do think, now that my law firm is up and running , I am balancing things better. I have always been an athlete and sports is my go to for stress relief. So, at the moment, I’m cycling, golfing, hiking, playing tennis and of course, managing my children on top of work!

What was your biggest challenge in life and how did you overcome it?

I have faced many challenges in life and I think that as many as I have survived, there will be plenty more in the future! I believe that challenges are as challenging as you perceive them. Our attitude to them determines how good our response will be. If you tell yourself, all will be well and keep a positive mindset going, that is half the battle won. Above all, having faith in God and His wisdom is crucial to staying steadfast. 

Could you share with us a quote that helps motivate you when times get tough?

Oh my! I am such a quote person and I have so many favourites! But for today, I will go with ‘Kun Fa Ya Kun’, a Quranic phrase. It means ‘Be, and it is.’ 

What is one thing you wish to tell your younger self?

I’d tell myself not to rely on external validation and that I am my own competition, to be better, with every new tomorrow.

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