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Are you ready to #MakeAnImpact? Engage with a panel of highly accomplished fitness experts and athletes in our upcoming Virtual Youth Health Forum as they discuss the importance of maintaining good health, and share their wisdom on the winning mentality that has allowed them to establish successful careers in the fitness industry.

Here to help you jumpstart a healthier and more balanced lifestyle are: 

Sammy McNess, Professional Boxer, Former Team GB Athlete & Fitness Coach (Jab Gym Brunei and BXR London)

Alim Roslan, Calisthenic & NASM-certified Fitness Coach (Jab Gym Brunei)

Firdaus Ar Rasyid, National & Olympic Sprinter 

Register to watch this fascinating talk by registering the below link. An e-mail containing the zoom link will be sent to you directly.

Event Details
Date: Thursday, 14th April
Time: 3.30pm to 4.30pm 

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