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You Can Lead BN

You Can Lead BN is an online platform sharing the world’s best scholarships, fellowships, competitions, online courses and much more! All the opportunities listed are eligible for Bruneians and focus on personal and professional development. The full list of opportunities is available at while highlights are shared on Instagram

A single opportunity can unlock your potential to be heard, to be seen and to represent the best of Brunei. Change the trajectory of your whole life by discovering fully funded opportunities in the arts, media, business, science and more! Recent examples include Fulbright and Chevening scholarships, conferences for ASEAN youth, NGO support and contests for design, photography and storytelling! You can also find inspiration in our 6-part podcast series, featuring a range of courageous young Bruneians who are challenging expectations and making a difference every day.

You Can Lead BN was started in 2019 by Dr Noor Affizan to help connect young people in Brunei with greater opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

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