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Persatuan Alumni Sultan’s Scholars

Persatuan Alumni Sultan’s Scholars (PASS) is a nongovernmental organisation focusing on community and
academic outreach initiatives. Established in 2020, we are a
growing team of 40 alumni recipients of the ‘Sultan’s Scholar’
scholarship, with our members actively working in various
sectors across Brunei.



We aim to support the vision of the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation (YSHHB):

“With the Grace and Blessing of Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala, YAYASAN shall strive to become a sustainable, high performance and reputable organisation in providing charity and other financial assistance to the poor and needy subjects of His Majesty’s so as to improve the quality of their lives; it will also identify itself as a symbol of excellence in socio-culture development and community welfare in Brunei Darussalam.”


Our mission is to unite Sultan’s Scholars Alumni in cultivating noble character and spirit of contribution to community development. We intend to provide a platform for our members to share ideas, expertise and experience for the benefit of YSHHB as well as the wider community.

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