The project that started the platform! Community for Covid is an initiative that started from seeing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on our our economy, and the healthcare system.

Together with BIBD, Think Axis, and Alicia Newn we created a convenient digital platform where members of the public could purchase food and other items to send care packages to frontliners!

The care package idea aims to allow our community to purchase products from small businesses and freelancers who need their financial support, to send to our frontliners who need our moral support!

This project provides support to 40 plus local small businesses, numerous delivery drivers and moral support for our medical frontliners. 

100% of what you spend on the site for Community for Covid goes directly to the small businesses, and Dart and GoMamam drivers!

For the duration of the project, BIBD is providing our vendors with a fee-free online payment gateway service. GoMamam and DART will not charge any fees and will not be receiving any commission for this project, so the drivers keep 100% of their ride revenue when you use them to send a care package! 

How to create your care packages

It’s just as easy as shopping for yourself! Head to our Marketplace where you can choose from a curated care package or select as many different vendors as you like! Once you’ve made your payment online using our secure BIBD Mastercard payment gateway, your order will be placed with the vendor and delivery arranged!  Your items will then be delivered to our frontliners via the trusted delivery services of GoMamam and Dart! 

How to put your care package together
pick products

pick products

Choose from a variety of small businesses selling products ranging from food, accessories, services and beauty.


online payment

Pay securely using your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card via BIBD MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS).

Delivered to frontliners

delivered to frontliners

Your care packages will be delivered to Brunei’s frontliners across our various MOH locations in need.

Thank You

To all our nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, sanitation workers, security guards, and so many more community frontliners who are working to keep us safe and our communities functioning, we say, ‘Thank You!’.

Our partners

We are so grateful to the following corporate partners who have supported the Community for Covid project, generously donating their support to make the project a reality.

To find out more about our Corporate Partners for this project, click on their logo!

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