The ASEAN Youth Advocated Network is an international youth-led, non-profit, socio civic, and non-governmental organisation established to pave the way for the ASEAN youth to experience involvement in their localities through a series of advocacy-based initiative. The organisation is considered a family of ASEAN youth advocated solutions towards relevant issues in ASEAN and ASEAN member-states, and the composition of sustainable and innovative ways of nurturing the betterment of the ASEAN Community through the coalition of organization members and individuals. 


AYAN aims to instill a passion for service and a sense of initiative to ASEAN youth advocates through volunteer-based initiatives and programmes catered to supported advocacies. Through these initiatives, the organisation aims to inspire the youth to take better action towards the betterment of their respective countries and ASEAN while continuing to further the achievement of advocacies through mobilization and sustainability of the operation.  


AYAN aims to pursue aspiration of ASEAN youth advocates inspiring ASEAN communities to uphold active citizenship and advocacies towards the integration of social mobilization in our ASEAN community.


AYAN aims to strengthen the level of awareness, knowledge, and volunteerism, and understanding of advocacies of the citizenry towards nation building.

AYAN aims to enable, promote, and ensure the participation, and the involvement of the citizenry in the ASEAN member-states’ youth development plan, ASEAN Youth Development Plan, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan.

AYAN shall establish cooperative relations  with governmental and non-governmental agencies and institutions relevant to AYAN and its advocacies like the ASEAN Secretariat.

AYAN opposes any violent demonstrations or other acts that defy constituted law and authority, desecrate the symbols of the ASEAN Community and its Member States, and threaten the physical and spiritual welfare of individual or organisations.

AYAN aims to promote AYAN and its pillars towards establishing one, unified ASEAN way, and identity.



AYAN believes in acting locally yet thinking globally, encouraging the youth to learn the fundamental principles of being an advocate towards a leader. Advocaseries is an advocacy masterclass inviting experts from diverse advocacies, making it the discourse every week. Through transpiration of inspiring and informative talks to exchange of experiences, participating advocates will spark an interest as close-knitted community to tackle issues beyond and translate these learnings into concrete steps in helping communities.

The SDG Forum

AYAN aims to make aiding in the accomplishment of the UN SDGs one of its fundamental goals. The UN SDGs promote a long-term approach to addressing global challenges that require collective action. AYAN aims to help ASEAN countries learn from one another and track each other’s progress in implementing the goals to ensure that no one is left behind.


Emmanual Mirus Ponon from the Philippines, alongside his fellow delegates from ASEAN events, founded the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network to bring and continue the impact of Youth Advocates for the Phillipines, one of the most prominent youth organizations in the Phillipines to the ASEAN community. This transition would be at ease, as Mirus is the Founder of Youth Advocates for the Philippines and the Phillippine Officer of the ASEAN University Student Council Union and the ASEAN Youth Organization. 


The aspiration of establishing AYAN solidified after the remarkable support of this initiative from his co-experts that attend the meetings on the Development of the ASEAN Work Plan on Youth 2021 – 2025. Today AYAN aspired to ensure that no ASEAN youth gets left behind and recognize and appreciate the ASEAN Community.

ASEAN Youth Action Dialogue

AYAN intends to create opportunities in knowledge-driven volunteerism, support the exchange of learning experiences, develop skills and capacity, improve cross-cultural understanding and forge a sense of regional identity while making a sustainable difference to communities across ASEAN. This dialogue aims to conduct and promote ASEAN-related initiatives and information to the youth.

The AYAN Way

As a believer of foundational leadership principles, AYAN aspires to be the premier design thinking led advocacy network. The aforementioned is for them to develop from being a selfless volunteer to someone who admires the importance of being part of this foundation.

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